A Functional Wellness Practice

Helping you restore hope and health.

"Your health, Your future"

Food & Excercise

is fundamental to all good health. Our foods are too often lacking in real nutrition the body can use to rebuild and function optimally. 

Nutrient Testing & Supplementation for Wellness

With our lack of real food, many of us know that we need some kind of nutritional help.

Reclaiming our own Environment

Environmental exposures stress our bodies often forcing it to compensate in ways that are unhealthy; keeping us from healing or functioning at our peak.


What others have said about working with Jackie

“I went for an initial consultation with Jackie just to see if I there was anything I could do to improve my overall health. I didn’t necessarily think I was unhealthy, but I knew I could feel better. Jackie did a thorough review of my medical history and lifestyle and came up with a comprehensive plan to boost my health. Here I am months later, feeling better than I ever expected I could! I genuinely did not know that I was feeling bad or tired beforehand and I was shocked when I noticed the drastic improvements in my energy levels, range/duration of movement, and mood. I have Jackie to thank for working alongside me to improve my lifestyle and daily habits!”

Beverly R.

Having worked in the healthcare profession for numerous years. I was amazed with the amount of education and credentials that Jackie carries. She is more about testing and directing her clients to the correct supplements for their needs, instead of loading them up on all of the supplements that she could sell them. When I went to pick a nutrition coach, I wanted a person that had the ethical fortitude to put the patients’ needs over their personal pocket book. That’s why I chose Jackie Fremin for Opting for Health! Thank you, Jackie!

John Cole

Edwards Jones

“After 15 years of struggling with multiple chronic illnesses, I was almost to the point of giving up. I was taking so many medications, and with every prescription, I would need another medicine to combat the side effects of the first. I had seen specialist after specialist, either being “fired” from their practice for being “too complicated” or being told there was just nothing else that could be done. I was at the end of what allopathic medicine could do to help me. I had no more hope for a “normal” life.

That’s where Jackie came in. With her years of experience, her unabashed love for researching the most obscure health information, her no-nonsense approach to healing, and her generous and caring nature, Jackie has not only improved my health, but she’s also given me the ability to hope again. The obvious improvement to my health and well-being is wonderful, but having hope again is a priceless gift. And best of all, I treasure the friendship we’ve built along the way. I can never thank Jackie enough for everything she has done to improve every aspect of my life.”